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If you have children or work with them, you’ll know that they get restless and need stimulation outside of the home, classroom, or daycare center. Field trips are a great way to not only perk them up, but also to reward them for good behavior and outstanding performance in activities. We at Bounce Play World are Miami’s kids’ party professionals that you can rely on when it comes to providing kids with an amazing time. We are a family-owned and operated local business that offers interactive entertainment for children of all ages! If you’re looking for a quality party place to host your child’s or class’s next field trip, give us a call to find out more information and to get a free consultation!

Comprehensive Children’s Party Entertainment

Planning an outing can be very stressful, especially when it comes to field trips that involve large amounts of children. With our trained party hosts, you’ll enjoy stress-free party planning. In addition to our numerous activities (such as video games, air hockey, pool tables, and rock climbing walls), we also provide you with things such as invitation cards, music, popcorn carts, food, and utensils. With our help, everything will be taken care of from start to finish, from setup to cleanup. You’ll never want to have field trips anywhere else after you see how Bounce Play World provides one of the most stimulating and fun environments for children in all of Miami.

Different Party Packages

All of our party packages are all-inclusive so you don’t have to worry about bringing things from home or having to stop by the store before coming to Bounce Play World with your kids or toddlers. When you get in touch with us, we’ll discuss what you desire for the field trip and put together a personalized party package just for you. Not only does your package include setup and cleanup, but it also includes cards, music, food carts, soda, utensils, party hosts, meals for both kids and adults, and decorations. If you want extras, just mention it to us and we’ll discuss it with you. Choose from clown shows and bear creations for our extras.

Our Party Facility

We know that children can get quite rowdy, and sharing a party space with other groups can get very noisy and chaotic. You may also feel uneasy about having strange adults from other parties around your children, especially if you’re the one person responsible for other people’s children. Here at Bounce Play World, we provide our whole facility to be rented to one party group at a time in order to ensure safety, security and privacy.

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If you feel like Bounce Play World is the perfect place to bring your kids for field trips, just give us a call at (305) 232-7944 to get your free consultation and to schedule a field trip with us. We’ll make sure that your kids have the times of their lives when they come play with us!

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